What is a TCRG?

The Irish Dancing Teachers Examination administered by the governing body of Irish dancing worldwide, An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha. When a person is said to be a “TCRG” it means they have passed their Irish Dancing Teacher’s examination and are recognized by An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha.

What does your beginner need to dance?

It is important that the dancer wears comfortable practice clothes and it is important for the teacher to see the dancer’s knees. In time, your dancer will need poodle socks and eventually the Irish soft shoes. These items will be available for purchase through our school when they are needed. Soft shoes must be properly fitted by teachers. Until they are ready, all beginners will dance in their socks.

What will your beginner learn?

We start at the beginning! A beginner will learn the important point of the toe, body and foot positions, correct dance posture and the traditional Irish reel and jig. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year, and sometimes longer, to learn these steps. Remember, every child learns at his or her own pace but they all are successful in time!

Dancing for fun or competition?

The Cumascaigh School performs in many “shows” or performances throughout the year. For those who are interested, there is a competitive side of Irish Dance where dancers may compete in a “feis”, a competition which allows them to earn medals and trophies for their dancing. The Cumascaigh School has dancers who participate in both of these aspects of Irish Dance. You will learn more about these opportunities as you become more involved in Irish dancing.

What if my child has experience in another type of dance, should they start in Beginners?

Experience in any type of dance is valuable background, but if your child is new to specifically Irish dancing, then they should start in a beginning level class. If at some point we need to reevaluate their class placement, we can do so.

Do all Cumascaigh students participate in Irish dancing competitions?

No. The choice to compete is up to each family, and we respect that choice. Many dancers may choose to compete annually at the Regional, National and World level, and some simply take classes for the pure enjoyment of honing their dancing skills and learning the culture.

Do all Cumascaigh students perform?

Many choose to perform as an outlet to show off their progress in class, but again, no one is required to participate anything outside of class.

Will we need to purchase dancing shoes?

We recommend that new beginning students take at least one month of class before purchasing shoes.

What is our obligation once we register, do we have to stay for the whole year?

Students can stop at any time–as a courtesy, we ask that students notify us by giving written notice 30 days prior.